Team Ethics Debate - March 2011

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The Bethpage High School Philosophy Club was invited by the Long Island Center for Inquiry to discuss the topics "Is belief without reason ignorance?" and "Can morality exist without religion?" in front of a live audience of center members and the general public. The discussion was held in the auditorium of the Plainview Old Bethpage public library where the students debated the topics for forty five minutes followed by a fifteen minute question and answer period. After the students were finished answering questions, Amy Frushour Kelly, coordinator of CFI Long Island programs, presented the students with the "Inquiry Award."

Mike Treder - February 2011

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Friday, February 18, 2011
Center for Inquiry | Long Island hosted Mike Treder, Managing Director of the Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies. Mike talked about the importance of an ethical perspective in an era of stunning advancements in technology. For instance, at what point does an artificially intelligent machine or program deserve rights?

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Chris McDougal - January 2011

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Professor Chris McDougal speaks about the sociology of religion at Center for Inquiry Long Island's monthly forum.

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